[GRASSLIST:7351] Re: The bounding box of the map outside current region

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at epf.pl
Tue Jun 28 13:41:58 EDT 2005

From: "Atif Rajan" <atif at lynxseismicdata.com>

> Hello Maciek, thank you. You are correct. They do not match.

What doesn't match? Projections, regions, else?

Again, there is information missing:

Are you sure they cover the same area? Are they in the same projection? What 
do the v.info and r.info say?

You have to be specific if you want to be helped.

> As a FYI, I imported the GEOTIFF (r.in.gdal) with the -o flag and I
> imported the shape file for the same map (v.in.ogr) with the -o flag.

> I was unable to import either one without the -o flag

That *may* mean they are in different projections. What do "gdalinfo
your_geotiff" and "ogrinfo -so -al your_shapefile" say?

> The region set in the grass database is far larger than that encompassed
> by this map.
> How do I go about matching the region extent?
> Thank you.
> Atif
> Maciek Sieczka wrote:
>> Atif
>> I guess that your vector layer doesn't fit your raster layer. Try
>> "g.region vect=c2405_3 -p" and  "g.region rast=2405-3.1 -p" to check
>> whether the region extent in both cases is the same.
>> Maciek

>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Atif Rajan"
>>> Dear Reader,
>>> I am attempting overlay a vector map on a raster GEO TIFF
>>> On setting the region ( g.region rast=2405-3.1) and then displaying the
>>> raster
>>> map, the raster comes up fine on the graphics display.
>>> However, attempting to display the vector map (d.vect c2405_3),
>>> the following message appears:
>>> " The bounding box of the map outside current region, nothing displayed"
>>> Any words of wisdon as to what I am doing incorrectly or not doing for
>>> that
>>> matter?
>>> Thank you.
>>> Atif Rajan

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