[GRASSLIST:7346] Re: The bounding box of the map outside current region

Atif Rajan atif at lynxseismicdata.com
Tue Jun 28 11:19:48 EDT 2005

Hello Maciek, thank you. You are correct. They do not match.
 As a FYI, I imported the GEOTIFF (r.in.gdal) with the -o flag and I 
imported the shape file for the same map (v.in.ogr) with the -o flag.
I was unable to import either one without the -o flag
The region set in the grass database is far larger than that encompassed 
by this map.
How do I go about matching the region extent?
Thank you.

Maciek Sieczka wrote:

> Atif
> I guess that your vector layer doesn't fit your raster layer. Try 
> "g.region vect=c2405_3 -p" and  "g.region rast=2405-3.1 -p" to check 
> whether the region extent in both cases is the same.
> Maciek
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> Subject: [GRASSLIST:7322] The bounding box of the map outside current 
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>> Dear Reader,
>> I am attempting overlay a vector map on a raster GEO TIFF
>> On setting the region ( g.region rast=2405-3.1) and then displaying 
>> the raster
>> map, the raster comes up fine on the graphics display.
>> However, attempting to display the vector map (d.vect c2405_3),
>> the following message appears:
>> " The bounding box of the map outside current region, nothing displayed"
>> Any words of wisdon as to what I am doing incorrectly or not doing 
>> for that
>> matter?
>> Thank you.
>> Atif Rajan

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