[GRASS-user] r.what and d.what.rast

Javier Álvarez Rodríguez javier.alvarez at cedex.es
Mon Oct 2 12:13:16 EDT 2006

Hi all,


My problem is about I’m obtaining different results when using d.what.rast
and r.what. 


Using interactively d.what.rast on a map named “bas”, I obtain these


361421.875(E) 4540953.125(N)

bas in DATOS, quant   (854)

bas in DATOS, actual  (854.000000)


Then I write “x” and “y” coordinates in a file named “pp3.txt” 


361421 4540953 (no matter real or integer coordinates)


and when using r.what


r.what bas at DATOS < pp3.txt


result is 860


Does someone know what is wrong?


Thanks in advance


Javier Álvarez Rodríguez

Área de Hidrología del Centro de Estudios Hidrográficos del CEDEX 

Paseo Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto, 3

Madrid 28007. España

+34 91 335 79 38

+34 91 335 79 22

javier.alvarez at cedex.es



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