[GRASS-user] how to create a voxel

Michaël Rabotin michaelrabotin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 02:54:52 EDT 2006

Hi Everybody,
I'm on GRASS 6.01 on Ubuntu and I want to create a voxel (raster 3D ) by the
command r3.in.ascii.
I've got an error message after running my command :
r3.in.ascii input=/home/rabotin/svg-roujan/test-roujan/mnt3d.asc
FATAL ERROR: asciiToG3d: read failed

I think I've got a probleme with my input text file. Is anybody can say to
me what is the problem:

Extract of my Input text file:

north: 133032.28
south: 132988.28
east: 678769.63
west: 678725.63
top: 153
bottom: 132
rows: 22
cols: 22
levels: 1
678726.63,133031.28,143 678728.63,133031.28,143 678730.63,133031.28,141
678728.63,133029.28,142 678730.63,133029.28,141 678732.63,133029.28,140 ....
and so on, with 22 rows and 22 columns


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