[GRASS-user] Image viewers choke on all r.out.gdal GTiff output regardless of type parameter

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Oct 4 13:03:55 EDT 2006

Patton, Eric wrote:
> Having trouble getting any displayable output from r.out.gdal....
> I've tried exporting GTiff format from r.out.gdal, using _every_ option in
> the type parameter, and I can't open any of the output geotiffs in either
> Gimp 2.2.11, gthumb 2.7.6, or Eye of Gnome 2.14.3. For all output types,
> Gimp prints three consecutive error messages similar to:
> unknown field with tag 34737 (0x87b1) encountered
> unknown field with tag 42112 (0xa480) encountered
> unknown field with tag 42113 (0xa481) encountered
> And never opens the image.
> Does anyone have similar problems opening r.out.gdal output?


The above are the GeoTIFF tags.  Normally unrecognised tags should not be
a fatal error for tiff reading software, and I don't know if they are
actually preventing the viewing or not.  Another possibility (if the files
are multi-band - ie. RGB) is that the software does not support the default
band interleaving produced by GDAL.  So, you might want to try something like:


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