[GRASS-user] v.in.ogr problems

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Wed Oct 11 03:54:27 EDT 2006

Seb wrote:

>> I've tried to import a shape file in geographic (decimal lat/lon)
>> coordinates into GRASS with the following command:
>> v.in.ogr dsn=/path/to/shape/dir/ output=coastline layer=shape
>> min_area=0.000001 location=newloc
>> However, when restarting in the newly created location and trying to
>> display the vector file, I get this error:

Then Seb wrote again:

> Surprisingly if I call the function as:
> v.in.ogr dsn=/path/to/shapefile.shp output=coastline
> min_area=0.000001 location=newloc
> There are no problems.


So the difference between the working and not-working commands is in
'dsn' syntax. This looks similar to the bug:


(I have already sent a sample to Brad as he requested)

Is this the same thing? Did you have the segfault? Note that you will
not notice a segfault in GUI (this is really annoying), you have to
issue the suspicious command from GRASS terminal for the segfault to be
reported if it occurs.


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