R: [GRASS-user] Profile and tangential curvatures in r.slope.aspect

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 11 20:59:56 EDT 2006

> > > Is there a paper (or manual, or tutorial) explaining how
> > profile and tangential curvatures (pcurv and tcurv)are computed in
> > r.slope.aspect?

> from the man page of r.slope.aspect:
> Horn, B. K. P. (1981). Hill Shading and the Reflectance Map,
> Proceedings of the IEEE, 69(1):14-47.

This proably applies more to the RST modules, but you might also check
appendix E.3 "Topograph analysis" of "Open Source GIS: A GRASS Approach"
by Neteler & Mitasova.

It cites Krocho 1973,1991 and Mitasova and Hofierka 1993.


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