[GRASS-user] v.transform - output messages

hellik at web.de hellik at web.de
Sun Oct 15 11:06:26 EDT 2006

hi maciej,

i will try to reproduce it with SPEARFISH 6.0, but it could take time a little bit ...


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Helmut Kudrnovsky wrote:

> i want to move a large polygon-layer by "v.transform " with the following options:
> v.transform 
> input=schiechtl_stern_m28 
> output=fwoe_mm28_tf45 
> xshift=-450000.0 
> yshift=0.0 
> zshift=0.0 
> xscale=1.0 
> yscale=1.0 
> zscale=1.0 
> zrot=0.0 
> so a -450000m-shift on the x-axis,
> when i start, i get the following 
> output-messages:
> ..
> V_ask error: Illegal row (40) in call to V_const
> ..

> what do this messages mean?

I don't know but it's not normal I would say. If you could reproduce
that with sperfish60 and submit a bug report with how to reproduce
instruction it could incline some Grass developer to fix it. Could you?

> p.s. is there something similar like v.transform for raster data to move/shift raster data inside grass?

r.region. But it's not that straight-forward as v.transform - you have
to manually calculate the region bounds (N,S,E,W) given the shift you
need, then apply this new region bounds to your raster.


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