[GRASS-user] Fortran DOS programs and GRASS GIS

Dimos dimos_anastasiou at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 17 05:43:19 EDT 2006

Hello All,

Best wishes from Greece.

A short question (I have no software development
experience, so please bare with me): 

I am working with a 1-dimensional model: 
which is written in Fortran
has available source code
runs on windows as a DOS program
provides output (plant growth, pollution etc) in one

I would like to make a spatial, grid based use of it.
So, how could I:

Use the exisitng fortran code in Linux ( or the DOS
Create a grid with the input values
run the program on a per-grid basis
have output written back to the database or grid

While searching on the GRASS GIS mailing lists, I have
seen some comments on using r.mapcalc for similar

Anyway, it would be a great halp if someone can
recomend a step by step method to develop this.

Thanks, Dimos

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