[GRASS-user] Fortran DOS programs and GRASS GIS

Massimiliano Cannata massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch
Tue Oct 17 09:53:50 EDT 2006

I would create a soft link between GRASS and your code, in the sense
that input can be generate by GRASS and exported in right format to feed
the model, then the output of the model will be imported by GRASS and
analyzed or visualized. To do this, you can use shell scripting
capabilities (or other scripting language, e.g. pyton, php,...).

In order to be able to give you a more specific answer, I should know a
couple of things...
- what input are needed to run your code? (ascii files?)
- what output are produced? (ascii files?)


Dimos wrote:
> Hello All,
> Best wishes from Greece.
> A short question (I have no software development
> experience, so please bare with me): 
> I am working with a 1-dimensional model: 
> which is written in Fortran
> has available source code
> runs on windows as a DOS program
> provides output (plant growth, pollution etc) in one
> dimension.
> I would like to make a spatial, grid based use of it.
> So, how could I:
> Use the exisitng fortran code in Linux ( or the DOS
> file)
> Create a grid with the input values
> run the program on a per-grid basis
> have output written back to the database or grid
> While searching on the GRASS GIS mailing lists, I have
> seen some comments on using r.mapcalc for similar
> situations.
> Anyway, it would be a great halp if someone can
> recomend a step by step method to develop this.
> Thanks, Dimos
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