[GRASS-user] about r.out.GMT

mrigotti at agrsci.unibo.it mrigotti at agrsci.unibo.it
Fri Oct 20 04:22:27 EDT 2006


I have some issues using the r.out.GMT addons, using grass63-cvs.
Basically, the addons works, and I get two files, a file.grd a file.cpt, which I
use with the following commands to directly display with GMT (4.1.2):

grdimage file.grd -R689000/710000/4895000/4920000 -Jx1:100 -Cfile.cpt -P -V

Unfortunately, I then get this error message:

grdimage: Allocates memory and read data file
grdimage: Not a netCDF file [slp_GMT.grd]

I was wondering why this happens, given that the addons should produce a
compatible grd file to be used with GMT.
Is it that I'm missing something? Can you help me?

By the way, I also used v.out.GMT, aand it works fine, except for the fact that
I got a compatibility error message, which was solved after I deleted the first
line of the xy file produced by the addons, which only contained the '>'

Hope you can help,

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