[GRASS-user] r.in.xyz: Could open text file ~ 2.5GB

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Fri Oct 20 09:33:42 EDT 2006


I applied your patch in the root of my source code folder (/opt/grass6)
using this command:

patch -p0 < r.in.xyz_LFS_patch

then 'make' within grass6/raster/r.in.xyz, and make install from grass6.

Is that command sequence correct? I'm unfamiliar with patching. If so, I'm
still receiving the same error when r.in.xyz tries to open my input file:

>r.in.xyz -s input=GarryTrough_1N_2006.txt output=test fs=space
ERROR: Could not open input file <GarryTrough_1N_2006.txt>.

Could my OS be imposing some sort of file size limit despite LFS in
r.in.xyz? I'm using Ubuntu 6.06 on a 32-bit PC.

~ Eric.

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From: Glynn Clements
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Subject: Re: [GRASS-user] r.in.xyz: Could open text file ~ 2.5GB

>Yes. r.in.xyz won't accept input files >2GiB on a 32-bit system (one
>where the C "long" type is 32 bits), regardless of whether or not
>GRASS was built with --enable-largefile.

>The attached patch might be sufficient, although the progress
>percentage will be wrong (it will reach 100% at 2GiB rather than at
>the end of the file).

>Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

 <<r.in.xyz LFS patch>> 

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