[GRASS-user] r.watershed hangs

Charles Ehlschlaeger c.ehlschlaeger at insightbb.com
Sun Oct 22 22:18:41 EDT 2006

I think the problem occurs with "threshhold=3" You are telling the software
to create exterior watershed basins only 3 grid cells in size. I can't
remember off the top of my head whether that will potentially cause stack
overflow problems or maybe I forgot to include a check to see whether an
array memory allocation returned a null pointer.

The solution is to include a more realistic threshold size. Ask yourself
"what is the smallest watershed basin you want to consider?" If the answer
is 10,000m^2, and grid cells are 10x10m, then threshold should be set to

Sincerely, chuck

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Hardeep Singh Rai wrote:
> I was doing watershed analysis for spearfish dataset
> (spearfish_grass60data-0.1.tar.gz), and on giving command:
> r.watershed elevation=elevation.dem threshhold=3 basin=raiBasin
> accumulation=raiAccu it starts processing of 5 steps. After about 20
> minutes, it completes all and throw message: "cloing maps", but do
> nothing; prompt never comes. I used it with option -m and without it.
> With both cases, "top" commands show ram or sed running with 99 usage
> of CPU. Even I waited for 12 hours, but it fail to finish. I am using
> GRASS 6.0.1 on Ubuntu.
> Please suggest some solution.

It's a known bug (#3112). It gets stuck trying to make a huge set of
colormap rules for the new map. If you cancel (^C) you might find the
map was created anyway (???).

Try running with a smaller region (g.region)

I don't think it's a hard bug to fix, but no one has done it.

r.watershed bug reports:


another work-around: try the r.terraflow module. It is much more
advanced and can make watershed maps.


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