[GRASS-user] Copying grass rasters from one computer to another?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 25 04:17:13 EDT 2006

Jonathan Greenberg wrote:
> So I was able to succesfully export the files from the windows box,
> but when running the "r.unpack" into a MacOS X grass directory, I'm
> getting the following error (I think this error is actually in
> r.in.mat, which is called from r.unpack):
> GRASS 6.3.cvs > ./r.unpack
> /Volumes/Scarecrow/scratch/exported_rsun/ltbmu_rsun_beam_201.pack
> The imported map will be named [ltbmu_rsun_beam_201].
> WARNING: Only little endian MAT-File(v4) binaries have been tested so
> far!
>          Probably won't work.
> Reading MAT-File ..
> ERROR: format [85563801]
> Finished.
> Thoughts?  Nothing gets imported, incidentally.

I never finished getting r.*.mat working on big endian systems (Mac G5).
Hence that warning & error.

(The MAT format supports both modes using a tag in the file's header;
but I never fully got my head around the bit swapping tests enough to
fix it)

Use Glynn's "tar" solution to transfer your files, I think it's the
cleanest method.

I should probably rewrite r.pack & r.unpack to use tar, as the less
translations the data go through the better.. and finally fix r.*.mat
to be endian safe as well ...


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