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Thanks Moritz,

I could partially solve my problem with your help. I changed the c: option
to d:.

But now, as you say, I can install GRASS on my C: with FAT32 structure, I am
more interested in doing so. Earlier I had read at many places that GRASS
could only work with NTFS.

Now to be precise, my problem with installation on C: (FAT32) starts while I
install postgresql-8.1.4-1 and try to initialise database structure. I get
data directory error telling me that data directory should be on NTFS
formatted volume. It clearly mentions:

'If you wish to install the data directory on another type of partition
(which is not recommended, and is unsupported) you must initialise the
database cluster manually by running initdb.exe.'

How can I do so? And how it is done. Would it affect the functioning of


 On 10/25/06, Moritz Lennert <mlennert at club.worldonline.be> wrote:
> gotnidea! Business Development Centre wrote:
> > I have been trying to install GRASS on my Windows XP Service Pack 2
> > laptop with 2 partitions. I am trying to install it on drive it on D
> > drive which is NTFS.
> >
> > The installation process goes on smoothly, till I run the inst_grass
> > batch file. It gives message that I need to install MinGW first. But I
> > have already done so. Don't know what is the problem. Can anyone please
> > guide me?
> Where did you install MinGW and Msys ?
> In inst_grass the path is hardcoded:
> if not exist c:\mingw goto no_mingw
> if not exist c:\msys goto no_msys
> so if you installed it on d, inst_grass won't find it.
> The quick fix: change all references to c:\mingw and c:\msys in
> inst_grass.bat to the path where you installed them.
> But I think that this should probably be handled by a variable at the
> top of the script which the user would just have to set once. I agree
> that there is no reason that one should be obliged to use c.
> >
> > Earlier I installed GRASS on my C drive, but couldn't load any data.
> > Since it was FAT32 drive, I thought of working on my D drive. Both
> > drives have separate Windows XP SP2 installed. How can I install the
> > GRASS on FAT32 drive?
> Please be more precise about this problem. I think that fat32 should
> work without any problems. What do you mean by "couldn't load any data".
> Moritz
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