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Vandewalle Maarten Maarten.Vandewalle at student.ua.ac.be
Wed Oct 25 11:26:59 EDT 2006

Hello all,

I've got a quite  basic question about the program. I'm doing a thesis that needs to research the possible integration of models that calculate the growth of forests, grass, cultivated fields, etc. along with a model that simulates the underground waterflow within the areas of research. All of this has to be integrated into a GIS system and that is where the question comes in.

Is it possible to incorporate different allready written mathematical models into Grass and such a way that they can also manage to work together? I mean by this that we have to divide the patches of land we research into different species (forest, grassland, cultivated land, ...) all of these areas around a riverdelta. Next to these patches, they should give excess water to the rivermodel that has to pass it on downstream for other patches of land.

I think that grass is possible for this project because as far as I understand it seems to work with different modules. So we could have each different patch of land be generated and calculated by a different module and let the watermodel do its work on the horizontal scale between the patches.

The next question is if it would be possible to integrate models/modules in other languages such as Fortran into Grass, and if this requires lots of complicated work?

Thanks in advance for helping me,

Maarten Vandewalle
Student at University of Antwerp
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