[GRASS-user] Which is the best forum/resource for GRASS starters?

Jaros?aw Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Tue Oct 31 05:56:23 EST 2006

gotnidea! Business Development Centre napisa?(a):
> Dear All,
> I think I have gotten into group of developers rather than mere users. 
> Or may be my questions are a bit trivial or out of context for most of 
> you.
> Well, while I certainly thank you all for your patience and quick 
> response, I think I am really a novice in an area for experts.
> So, my first question is which is the forum of GRASS users 
> particularly for the starters and persons with little knowledge about 
> GIS but do have a desire to learn it. May be one could even guide me 
> to a book?
start on www.grass.itc.it

> My problem is that I am new to both GRASS as well as Linux world, and 
> as I happened to notice that GRASS can run on Windows, I went ahead to 
> work on it.
It is right formum, the only need it is you try to solve your problem by 
yourself, before you ask....

> Secondly I reiterate what I had asked in my last email:
> I want to have a display like:
> http://www.eicinformation.org/data/sampledata.asp?id=2
> Is it possible on GRASS?? If at all it is not possible on a web page, 
> can I reproduce a similar map on my desktop, linking the data with SQL 
> or even by using the existing postgreSQL?
it is not possible to make display (I suggest mapserver) but collecting 
data and analisys is

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