[GRASS-user] Which is the best forum/resource for GRASS starters?

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Tue Oct 31 16:33:14 EST 2006

gotnidea! Business Development Centre wrote:

> I think I have gotten into group of developers rather than mere users. Or
> may be my questions are a bit trivial or out of context for most of you.

No, this is the user's list; there is a separate list for developers. 
However, threads on this list may sometimes get into development
issues, e.g. if a user's problem turns out to be due to a bug, or if
it results in discussion of adding new features or changing the way
that existing features work.

> Well, while I certainly thank you all for your patience and quick response,
> I think I am really a novice in an area for experts.
> So, my first question is which is the forum of GRASS users particularly for
> the starters and persons with little knowledge about GIS but do have a
> desire to learn it. May be one could even guide me to a book? My problem is

> that I am new to both GRASS as well as Linux world, and as I happened to
> notice that GRASS can run on Windows, I went ahead to work on it.

> Secondly I reiterate what I had asked in my last email:
> I want to have a display like:
> http://www.eicinformation.org/data/sampledata.asp?id=2
> Is it possible on GRASS?? If at all it is not possible on a web page, can I
> reproduce a similar map on my desktop, linking the data with SQL or even by
> using the existing postgreSQL?

GRASS is primarily an analysis package. Although it has some display
capabilities, that isn't its primary focus. For more advanced
graphical output, you may want to use a dedicated cartographic package
(e.g. GMT) and/or dedicated graphics tools (NetPBM and ImageMagick are
both suitable for scripting).

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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