[GRASS-user] Working with USA Public Land Survey System

J Dougherty jwd at surewest.net
Fri Sep 1 11:46:14 EDT 2006

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 18:14, Henry House wrote:
> I have a set of surveyed-section boundaries* for northern California
> from the United States Public Land Survey System and would like to use
> GRASS to find geometric fractions of these roughly square sections.
> For example, I would like to divide a particular section into equal
> quarters by bisecting it east-west and north-south and then save the
> northwest quarter for further analysis. Can anyone suggest a method to
> do this acurately?
> * Used for legal descriptions of parcels given in terms of townships and
>   ranges.

You might consider creating a dwg from you vector coverage and using CAD to 
create the partitions.  In most CADs there should be a tool that permits 
ratio splits of line segments and polygons.  You can then bring that drawing 
back to GRASS and then proceed with the GIS work.


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