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Sampson, David dsampson at NRCan.gc.ca
Fri Sep 1 12:55:16 EDT 2006

Hey gang

Ahhhh, the beginning of September is upon us. For those in my part of
the world this meeans the days are getting shorter, nights are cooler
and air conditioners can start being shut down. For many of the people
on this list this also means you are getting a new load of students at
your school... to you profs and teachers I bid you luck.

September also brings some great new opportunities for the GRASS
community and a step forward in the PSC process and following through on
our commitment to some things OSGEO related.

While I was away on vacation I received a few more confirmed nominations
for the PSC. By the time I tallied it all up we came out with an even
10.  This is great for many reasons. First it is a list of people who
have been quite active in many things GRASS. Even if you have not seen
them active on the mailing list they have helped progress the GRASS
project, tie it in through education, develop ways to use grass with
other software, build tutorials and many other contributions. Thanks to
all those who accepted nominations.

Furthermore I want to thank everyone who took the time to offer a
nomination or cast a vote (in the early days at least). Without you we
would not have a great list of members.

Also I want to thank the GRASS community at large for helping me through
the organization of the process over the past weeks. I received many
e-mails sugesting how to make the process more open, stream lined, and
democratic while respecting peoples wishes of their level of

And of course thanks to Markus for starting the PSC process and
providing the RFC materials that will help the PSC get started.


The original plan was to now open the process of voting for your
preffered nominees.

What I propose is that 10 people is a good number and the general feel
is that the GRASS community supports these nominations. I would like to
propose that the GRASS PSC is formed from the 10 members listed bellow.
Unless there are justified reasons from the GRASS community to do
otherwise and we prefer to have a vote. Drop me a line privately if you
wish and I will consider the voting stage if needed)

So unless I am notified otherwise I would like to take this opportunity
to formaly introduce the GRASS PSC consisting  of the following members

The GRASS Project Steering Committee (PSC)
Dylan Baudette
Michael Barton
Maciej Sieczka
Helena Mitasova
Markus Neteler
Scott Mitchell
Massimiliano Cannata
Brad Douglas
Paul Kelly


So what's next?

It has been brought up many times that it is unclear exactly what the
PSC was going to do. Well that is exactly what the PSC gets to work out,
they are the egg that gets to create the chicken (or is that
backwards?).  But of course they are not thrown into the cage without
anything to start with.  

So I propose the first steps of the GRASS PSC (after they have a chance
to introduce themselves to each other and raise a virtual toast of
course) might include

1. Take a look at the Mapserver PSC and examine some other examples as
well (can't find the link) 
2. Determine a main PSC representative that can bridge the PSC to OSGEO
3. Have someone that can be a point contact for users
4. have someone that can be a point contact for developers
5. Review original letters to the community
6. Create/revise an RFC (Request for comment) for the GRASS community to
7. Update WIKI pages

Throughout this process I am assuming the GRASS commuity will be able to
offer additional support, feedback and ideas of how to address concerns
and challenges.

I wish you all good luck and I look forward to seeing the GRASS PSC move
forward and following their progress.


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