[GRASS-user] Re: Cygwin Grass 6.2 compiling?

Luigi Ponti lponti at infinito.it
Mon Sep 11 17:17:31 EDT 2006


Has anyone found a way to compile grass 6.2 on cygwin? 

In his wiki, Huidae Cho said couple of months ago that "unfortunately, the latest 6.1 CVS version does not compile on Cygwin [...]. It seems like Cygwin libraries change too often to follow".

It would be nice to have an official statement on the topic. I am saying this as a cygwin/grass user in transition to ubuntu/grass, so I am aware that a cygwin version of grass is useful to attract windows folks.




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Subject: [GRASS-user] Cygwin Grass 6.2 compiling?
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After some years of using grass and noticing that
the cygwin grass version has not been updated
since April 17th, I have decided that I will sit
down and try and compile grass for cygwin myself.

What suggestion does anyone have?  Searching the
grass web & wiki I have notice that no where is
there detailed instructions on compiling grass for
cygwin.  Is this correct?

I have downloaded 

And off of the http://geni.ath.cx/grass.html page
I have installed :

Is it worth getting more recient libraries?


Phillip J. Allen
Consulting Geochemist
Denver Colorado (I have finally moved out of Peru!)
paallen at attglobal.net

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