[GRASS-user] Interpolation with breaklines in GRASS?

Alexandre Leroux alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca
Tue Sep 12 09:46:08 EDT 2006

Hi list,

Does anyone knows if GRASS GIS can generate interpolations (e.g. idw) 
with breaklines? Meaning interpolated cells (output data) do not 
consider points (original data) if a breakline is crossed. It only 
considers points which are in the line-of-sight. Is this the right way 
to conceptualize breaklines?

I took a look at GRASS 6.0.2 and haven't found any way to specify 
breaklines in r.bilinear or v.surf.idw. I also took a quick look to 
GeoTools, but haven't found anything about breaklines either.

Any comments welcomed! Thanks.

Alexandre Leroux, M.Sc., Ing.
Environnement Canada / Environment Canada
Centre météorologique canadien / Canadian Meteorological Centre
Division de la réponse aux urgences environnementales /
Environmental Emergency Response Division
alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca

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