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M S mseibel at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 12:32:36 EDT 2006

I would have to test this.  i never noticed the 180 to -180 degre extent.  I
guess i dont fully understand what you mean by a "default extent".  I've
(sadly) created man shapefiles with arCrapalog.  .  when you create features
in a shapefile, you should always define the projection, and when you do a
"zoom to" layer it should get in tighter than 180/180.

I dont see why if the projection is defined properly for the shapefile why
it would not work, regardless of default extent, even though i dont fully
understand what you are saying.

You could always use the GDAL   "ogr2ogr" command to reproject it to the
base coordinate system for your project.  i've never used mapserver on the
fly, always projected everything into the same projection.

not sure that helps, but let me know if there's something i'm missing.


On 9/11/06, Ryan Ollerenshaw <ollerery at engr.orst.edu> wrote:
> ArcGIS seems to default to a spatial extent of -180 - 180 degrees
> longitude when creating shapefiles, however my data has an extent of 0 -
> 360 degrees longitude.  So my questions is, is it possible for MapServer
> to re-project this shapefile on the fly to fit to correct spatial
> extent?  I think that i can remember seeing an example where the data
> started over when the user zoomes past the extent of the ma, so the
> farthest eastern edge was connect back to the farthest western edge.
> Does anyone know how to implement that?  That would also fix my problem.
> thanks,
> -Ryan
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