[GRASS-user] spatial reference problem

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sun Sep 17 12:19:09 EDT 2006

cliff clifferson wrote:
> Hello,
> i am a newbie to grass and gis in general.
> I have laser-scan-data from Osnabrueck, a city in Germany, which
> i want to import into Grass. I am pretty unsure about which
> spatial reference model to use. 
> People who work with the same data in ArcView etc. use
> "dhdn3degree_gauss_zone3", a national system.
> Probably that is part of the "National Spatial Reference System"
> which is the only thing i found on the internet.
> Does anyone have an idea how i can use the same spatial reference 
> that Arcview uses in grass ?

Find the respective refernce system definition in the EPSG database at
http://ocean.csl.co.uk/ and use that code to set up a Grass location.


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