[GRASS-user] Problem with installing R/Grass interface on Ubuntu

Jarek Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Tue Sep 26 12:40:34 EDT 2006

Roger Bivand napisał(a):
> On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, Tomas Lanczos wrote:
>> Hello,
>> this problem occurs because of requirement of gdal-1.3.1, what I could not
>> compile. Do anybody solved this problem on Ubuntu/Debian or have anybody an
>> idea? I am just helpless at this point.
> Yes, the rgdal R package, on which spgrass6 depends, requires GDAL >= 1.3.1. 
> Please do consider installing your software from source, if possible 
> starting from PROJ.4 and GDAL, then R and the packages needed within R 
> (which will be built from source anyway). 
> There have been reports of Ubuntu/Debian binary installs putting headers
> and libraries in unlikely places needing subsequent manual intervention,
> and/or having the list of directories containing shared objects in
> unlikely places. It would be useful to have input from Ubuntu/Debian users 
> showing how they have succeeded, I do not have access to such systems (and 
> in any case prefer to install these kinds of applications from source).
> Please also consider using the STATGRASS list, and reviewing its archives 
> about this. 
> Roger
>> Many thanks
>> Tomas
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yes, I also had that problem I have "undocumented" solution - it works 
but we still don't know why... (sorry Roger, I'm very busy now with my 

here is the solution...

Install gdal 1.2.6 and proj 4.4.9b from ubuntu repository. Next install 
gdal from source with option you need (by the way, do not install with 
OGDI - it generate "floationg point exception" - I also do not know 
why). Gdal 1.2.6 will install in /usr directory and gdal 1.3.2 in 
usr/local so your default will be 1.3.2 next install grass with 
configure option pointing on /usr/local/..../ DIR. After grass is 
ionstalled, reinstall gdal.

After that rgdal and spgrass6 shall install corectly....

If you have grass and gdal 1.3.2/1.3.1 and proj installed, simply add 
gdal and proj 4 from ubuntu repository. Rgdal and spgrass6 will install 

or you can make symlinks to gdal libraries in /usr/lib dir it MAYBY 
shall help


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