[GRASS-user] running cygwin/grass 6.1, 6.2 and native 6.3 on the same xp machine

Luigi Ponti lponti at infinito.it
Wed Aug 8 04:10:11 EDT 2007

Dear list,

I am currently still with the 6.1cvs cygwin/grass binaries but would 
like to run the cygwin 6.2.1 and the native 6.3 versions of grass for 
testing purposes on the same windows xp machine.

To my knowledge, different cygwin/grass versions use different cygwin 
packages, and the native wingrass requires setting environmental 
variables that may interfere with the cygwin version.

Is there any precautionary measures I should take in order to avoid 
interference between the different versions and to be able to test newer 
versions without losing the ability of working with the old one?

Thanks and regards,


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