[GRASS-user] v.edit bus error

Hazael Maldonado Torres hmaldonado at itxolutions.com
Wed Aug 8 13:35:26 EDT 2007

Hi there,

I am trying to edit a vector map using the command 'v.edit', however, it keeps
failing with a 'bus error' message.

The version I am running is 6.3.cvs (070623) which is available at

Does any one is getting this error? Is there a tool to fill out a bug report?

I will describe the task I want to do via 'v.edit' just in case someone knows a
way around. I have a vector map with some areas having 2 categories in the same
layer (this was the result of overlapping areas in the Shapefile). I have to
leave each of these areas with only one category so I was using the following

v.edit n tool=caldel cat=3117 id=49792



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