[GRASS-user] Associating attributes from Postgres file with a key other than cat

Turner, James James.Turner at kronos.com
Wed Aug 8 16:28:33 EDT 2007

Ok, next dumb question that the documentation didn't seem to help with


I have the Census ZCTA data loaded up "locally" (not in a database), and
some proprietary zip-code based data in a Postgres DB table.  The
Postgres data is keyed off the zip code, and obviously knows nothing
about the cat #s of the imported e00 file with the ZCTA data.  Is there
any non-trivial way to make the values in the Postgres table available
to GRASS so that I can use it to do coloring of areas, etc.


And yes, I know that ZCTA <> Zip Code, but it's close enough for this


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