[GRASS-user] Associating attributes from Postgres file with a key other than cat

Jarek Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Thu Aug 9 13:19:14 EDT 2007

Turner, James wrote:
> The problem is that the e00 file isn't in the Postgres database.
> Basically, I imported the e00 file into dbf "normally" using the gui,
> then tried to attach the Postgres table as attributes of the data from
> the e00 file I imported.  But because the key field from the e00 file
> (cat) doesn't exist in the Postgres table, I can't associate the data
> based on the field they do share in common (zipcode).  
> I suppose I could have imported the e00 into Postgres, instead of dbf,
> in which case the strategy you describe would work.

Yes, on the other way you will do nothing

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