[GRASS-user] Reprojection help

Vincent BAIN bain at toraval.fr
Sat Aug 11 04:30:54 EDT 2007

Hello Richard,
don't know if it can help, but for me it works, from conformal conic
Lambert to rgf93 (the official geographic coord system in France,
compliant with wgs84).

Could you send us the proj information from each of your locations, and
make sure they correspond to your project ?
I advise you to define the coordinate systems from epsg codes, the best
way -- i think -- to avoid problems defining the right ellipsoïd, datum,
and so on...

And be cautious: the coordinates read from the display are decimal...

Bon courage,

Le samedi 11 août 2007 à 09:32 +1000, Richard Chirgwin a écrit :
> It's me again ... I suspect I must be stupider than most Grass users 
> because I seem to be hitting the list with questions so often!
> I have my own maps which are in lat-long format, using Australian 
> boundaries.
> I need to analyse some points relative to some centroids supplied in 
> MapInfo format. They import fine, but they're in Lambert Conformal 
> Conical projection.
> Without being long-winded, my attempts to reproject the LCC location 
> into a lat-long UTM using WGS84 keep failing - the utilities work but 
> the result isn't right.
> Is there something about LCC projections that make them hard to
> Richard
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