[GRASS-user] Small bug on win32

Pedro Camilo Alcantara camilo at pcbiol.posgrado.unam.mx
Fri Aug 17 16:06:57 EDT 2007

Hi everyone

I found a small bug on the command g.mapsets under win32. Let say I
have two mapsets to list with the g.list command  and any of the
mapsets' names have capital letters (let say MODIS and Geology), in
order to "get rid" of the second mapset (I do not want to made a
mistake looking at a map with the same name in the other mapset). The
moment I run the g.mapsets command as follows:

g.mapsets modis

and then I run the g.list command with

g.list rast

I got the maps under MODIS twice, one as MODIS and the second as modis
This is not a really bad bug (I got the mapset listed once with the
"proper" sintaxis: g.mapset MODIS), but it could have consequences for
the future.


Pedro Camilo Alcántara Concepción
Department of Forest Ecology and Management
Rm. 120 Russell Labs
1630 Linden Dr.
Madison WI 53706-1598
Phone +1/608/265-9219

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