[GRASS-user] installation problems

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sat Aug 18 07:31:27 EDT 2007

Vincent BAIN wrote:
> Hello, Sorry if the problem below is not exactly a grass problem,
> but I hope this is the best place to find people who encountered
> it...
> I currently work on Ubuntu Feisty, so when I compile a program from 
> sources I use the classical procedure : ./configure [options]

What GRASS version?

> make
> sudo checkinstall

What checkinstall version? There are couple of bugs in the latest 1.6.1
[1], going to be fixed in the next release soon. But 1.6.0 has been
working fine for me with several software for months now, including
GDAL, GRASS and QGIS (until 0.81; in case of 0.9 there are issues
related to the new QGIS build system based on cmake, which I haven't
figured out how to handle with checkinstall 1.6.0 yet).

In case you are using 1.6.1, I recommend downgrading to 1.6.0 available
in Edgy repos, eg. here [2]. It should install fine on Feisty.

> Checkinstall usually works but sometimes does not... Particularly
> with packages related to grass like gdal or Qgis.
> Let's take the example of qgis-0.8.1 : checkinstall first says the
> installation is successful, then create the debian package
> successfully, then fails at installing the .deb.

Here's my typical command line for building GRASS 6.3 deb for instance:

sudo checkinstall -D --pkgname=grass63 --pkgversion=`date +%F`
--install=no --strip=yes --stripso=yes
--pakdir=$HOME/src/checkinstall_pakdir --deldoc=yes --deldesc=yes
--delspec=yes --backup=no

sudo dpkg -i $HOME/src/checkinstall_pakdir/grass63_2007-07-18-1_i386.deb

Does that work?

> The problem is it tries to overwrite files belonging to grass in the
>  directory /usr/local/grass-6.3.cvs/include/grass !
> So I tried to pass checkinstall with the option 
> --exclude=/usr/local/grass-6.3.cvs/include/grass
> but lately a similar problem occurs with gdal files, and even cmake
> and ccmake files in the end...
> Any idea ?

Smells like checkinstall 1.6.1 issues. Try 1.6.0.



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