[GRASS-user] is anything wrong with download site?

ante_anzulovic ante_anzulovic at net.hr
Wed Aug 22 11:08:26 EDT 2007

I'm trying to install grass 6.2 on windows using cygwin, after completing the steps
(http://geni.ath.cx/grass.html#toc5), I found few problems.
First if I choose to install version 6.2.1-1 I get the error "download incomplete, try again?", no
matter what I try. Second, if I try to install version 6.2.2-1 everythiong works, except I have a
problem with wish command. I tried to set up enviroment variable manually, but of course it turns
out wish isn't downloaded at all, I searched everything (tcl/tk is downloaded).
I would appreciate any advice
Ante Anzulovic

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