AW: [GRASS-user] Problems with r.terraflow and r.thin

Maciej Sieczka tutey at
Wed Aug 22 14:55:31 EDT 2007

Christian Braun wrote:
> Thanks for your answer, I missunderstood the meaning of r.thin. But
> how can I get rather compact and smooth polygons representing
> watersheds without any slivers or attached/appended fractals of the
> size of one raster cell? Is it possible to solve such a problem with
> v.clean or something like a "raster smoothing" with r.neighbour?

The v.generalize module, not yet in GRASS CVS, might be the tool. Look
at the man page [1]. You can fetch it from the AddOns SVN repository
[2] as a tarball and build from source. Sorry I can't provide more
detailed info. There are Folks on the GRASS list who can be of more
help in this regard.



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