[GRASS-user] New wiki addons script: r.game_of_life

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 05:08:40 EDT 2007

> >2) As many of the scripts are hosted on authors' personal webspace, it
> >is probably a highly prudent idea to back them up in case that webspace
> >or the author disappear off the scene. Markus's SVN server already hosts
> >some of the modules; I was thinking of some automated wget scraping
> >script to make up a .tgz. (although some links go to personal web pages
> >with the code down another layer, mmph may have to be done by hand
> >periodically). If it helps, I am happy to move all my contributions into

> I think this is a good idea; I unfortunately don't have access to a dedicated website to host my scripts as of yet, and so I must resort to uploading the scripts to a public-readable ftp server that gets purged weekly (it's only meant for temporary storage, otherwise, everyone leaves their junk up on there and it eventually fills up), so it would be great to have the scripts hosted somewhere more permanent.

Perhaps put them up on Markus's Add-Ons SVN server?

gmail accounts give a bit of free webspace BTW.


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