[GRASS-user] Summer of Code 2007 Results

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Tue Aug 28 07:23:33 EDT 2007

Greetings fellow GRASSers!

I'm proud to report that we have had two successful SoC projects this
summer: v.generalize and v.path.obstacles.

The first project is by Daniel Bundala and is called v.generalize and it
can be used to generalize vector maps in multiple ways. Daniel also
wrote a splendid tutorial on how to use this module. It is available
here: http://users.ox.ac.uk/~orie1848/tutorial.html Also see the module

The second project is by Maximilian Maldacker and is called
v.path.obstacles, but will probably be renamed to v.net.visibility, to
better describe what it does. The module creates a visibility graph for
an area. A visibility graph simply connects all visible corners from a
given point, and by traversing the visibility lines one can compute the
shortest path for going from A to B, going around obstacles. See the
module documentation for more information.

These modules are at the moment located in the svn-addons repository.

There are no precompiled binaries, but I think they can be arranged
should anyone need them.



<:3 )---- Wolf Bergenheim ----( 8:>

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