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Very cool.  Those are great additions.  Thanks to all who made it happen.

On 8/28/07, Wolf Bergenheim <wolf+grass at bergenheim.net> wrote:
> Greetings fellow GRASSers!
> I'm proud to report that we have had two successful SoC projects this
> summer: v.generalize and v.path.obstacles.
> The first project is by Daniel Bundala and is called v.generalize and it
> can be used to generalize vector maps in multiple ways. Daniel also
> wrote a splendid tutorial on how to use this module. It is available
> here: http://users.ox.ac.uk/~orie1848/tutorial.html Also see the module
> documentation.
> The second project is by Maximilian Maldacker and is called
> v.path.obstacles, but will probably be renamed to v.net.visibility, to
> better describe what it does. The module creates a visibility graph for
> an area. A visibility graph simply connects all visible corners from a
> given point, and by traversing the visibility lines one can compute the
> shortest path for going from A to B, going around obstacles. See the
> module documentation for more information.
> These modules are at the moment located in the svn-addons repository.
> https://grasssvn.itc.it/grasssvn/grassaddons/trunk/grassaddons/
> There are no precompiled binaries, but I think they can be arranged
> should anyone need them.
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