[GRASS-user] installation grass 6.2.2-1 on cygwin

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 05:13:37 EDT 2007

> Hamish:
> > I notice:
> >  http://grass.ibiblio.org/grass62/binary/mswindows/setup.ini
> > 
> > provides a "tcltk-grass" package but the "grass" package doesn't
> > include that on its "requires:" line. Is that an unintentional
> > omission?

> It's subjective as to whether or not Tcl/Tk is a "requirement"; most
> of GRASS will work without it. OTOH, the same can be said of lesstif
> (only xganim uses it), but that is listed as a requirement.

Well, technically GRASS doesn't have a hard need for X-windows either,
but I think most people will want xmons & GUIs with a GRASS install.
I expect anybody who doesn't want the GUI is probably able to take care
of themselves.

> I'd suggest modifying setup.ini to include the tcltk-grass package as
> a requirement. Although, the tcltk-grass package doesn't list its
> requirements (xorg-x11-base should definitely be in there).

Done & done. As for tcltk-grass requirement, I doubt folks will install
that package without the grass package, so hopefully all the grass
requires: items will take care of tcltk-grass's needs. If not, we can deal
with it as bug reports come in. Or copy what the main cygwin tcltk
package's requires: has.

My only concern is that the tcltk-grass package might need to have a
conflicts: with the standard cygwin tcltk package; probably a provides:
tcltk too, to keep other packages which need tcltk happy. (I don't know if
those are real cygwin keywords- just to give you the idea using the
Debian versions) 

Also, should the 6.2.1 grass package be removed from setup.ini, or does it
not matter?


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