[GRASS-user] v.in.ascii and overlapping areas

Jason Horn jhorn at bu.edu
Fri Feb 2 15:32:54 EST 2007

I'm confused about how grass decides what is an area with a centroid,  
and what is a boundary with a point inside it.  I am using v.in.ascii  
to import a text file in standard mode.  The file contains two  
circles (boundaries) and two points (their centroids).  The circle  
boundaries overlap.  I have notices that if the circles are close  
together, so that the center point of one is with the boundary of the  
other, I end up with one circle that is an area with a centroid, and  
a non-area boundary and a point.    If the circles are a little  
further apart, I get two areas and their corresponding centroids.

I need both circles and their center points to import as areas with  
centroids, no matter how close together they are.

Can anyone explain what's going on here?


- Jason

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