[GRASS-user] Drawing Latitude/Longitude grid on top of raster image...

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 4 16:40:03 EST 2007

> >>> I'm  looking for a method to draw the latitude/longitude grid on
> >top of a raster satellite image (imported using r.in.gdal)
> >displayed in the graphics frame. Can someone point me the direction
> >of an existing GRASS command or provide a hint on what commands
> >would be used to program such a command?
> >> d.grid -g
> >>
> >> Displays a geographic grid (lat-long)
> > Thanks, Wolf. That's no doubt the correct command, but according to
> > the  manual -g disables grid drawing.
> Ahmm.. you are using GRASS 6.0 or older... if you upgrade to 6.2 you 
> will get the -g to draw a lat/long grid.

6.0 solution:

in a lat/lon location create a grid with v.mkgrid, then in the
satellite's location bring that in with v.proj. then d.vect type=boundary.

No text labels that way though.


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