[GRASS-user] Load attributes of point theme into adjoining line theme - possible?

Jarek Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Mon Feb 5 09:25:43 EST 2007

Hamish napisał(a):
> Wolfgang Qual wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> another question with a small picture: my dataset consists of two
>> themes, a point theme, representing locations where the traffic
>> density of an adjoining segment of a street was measuredd and the
>> corresponing line theme - the street. Now, I would like to add the
>> traffic information to the line theme (in the picture below, three
>> measurement stations are drawn). 
>>         x(45)
>>     ----------------�\
>>                       \       x(100)
>>                        \--------------------------
>>                        /
>>                       /
>>         -------------�
>>             x(55)
>> Is it possible to perform such an operation within GRASS? Any ideas
>> are welcome! 
> v.distance
> ?
> Hamish
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well, question seems to be unclear...

it depends on how many traffic points are on the one line segment If one 
to one the situation is very simple. Use v.distance with to_attr 
parameter (from line to point!), if there are more mesurment points it 
could be the problem. relation between points and line shall to be 
crated (v.distance from points to line with cat attrribute), and the 
rest of work in database. If there are more than one point to segment 
please let me know I will try to describe how to make it in detail.

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