[GRASS-user] Creating a ground water from a vector files of contours?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 6 01:35:52 EST 2007

Bob wrote:
> Like the subject line says, I need help creating a ground water map
> using a vector file of contours.  The ground water file came from a
> E00 file that was read into Grass using v.in.e00.  I am currently
> running v.surf.rst which is taking a long time to run.  Are there
> other ways to do this problem?

g.region res=

"r.surf.contour - Surface generation program from rasterized contours."

It works pretty well, but do read the help page for some hints.

Also from the man page:

r.surf.contour has not been fully updated for NULL support and still
considers a value of "0" to be NULL. Thus any contour lines at 0
elevation (e.g. the coastline) will be ignored. In such cases converting
any 0 values in the input map to -1 with r.mapcalc may be a suitable

Currently r.surf.contour will only produce CELL (integer) map output.
If you would like a finer grade output map (i.e. floating point) it is
recommended to multiply the input map by 100 (for example) using
r.mapcalc, then divide the resultant r.surf.contour output map by 100.0,
again with r.mapcalc. 

Volunteers are sought to remedy both these issues."


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