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This was e-naled to me regarding the Geospatial Information and Technology
Association's (GITA's) Industry Trends Advisory Group (ITAG). GITA is a step
to the side from the Intergraph and ESRI conferences, and has a good
international base. I am sure Lisa would be happy to hear form GRASS

:-) Daniel

>From: "Lisa Connor" <lconnor at gita.org>
>To: danielfarnan at hotmail.com
>Subject: GITA's 2007 ITAG Committee
>Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 08:33:15 -0800
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>ITAG Advisors to Assess
>New Strategic Plan in San Antonio!
>Would you enjoy making a contribution to the strategic direction of GITA 
>and to the geospatial industry in general? If so, please consider joining a

>select group of ITAG Advisors! You will contribute your expertise and ideas

>to those of your colleagues, and thereby provide the GITA Board of 
>Directors a glimpse of where our members and constituents think the 
>association - and our industry - should be headed in the future.
>The Industry Trends Advisory Group (ITAG) has become "the eyes and ears" of

>GITA, providing our various constituencies a strong voice in association 
>programs and servicesas well as making a significant contribution to our 
>strategic planning process. This year's ITAG will focus on GITA's ambitious

>new Strategic Plan, approved by the board in December 2006. This three-year

>plan contains significant enhancements in several strategic areas critical 
>to the continued success of the association. Collective input from the ITAG

>Advisors will influence how programs will be developed to reach our goals.
>The 2007 ITAG Annual Meeting will take place at GITA's Annual Conference 30

>on Monday, March 5th from 8:00am until Noon in the Henry B. Gonzalez 
>Convention Center in Ballroom C1. A continental breakfast and post-meeting 
>luncheon will be provided. The luncheon will conclude in time to enable you

>to attend the Opening Session at 1:30pm.
>In San Antonio, the agenda will include breakout discussions of vertical 
>market issues, as well as facilitated group brainstorming on the issue of 
>the day - the strategic plan.
>Not able to come to San Antonio? No worries - you don't need to attend this

>meeting to be an ITAG Advisor-we'll keep you plugged in to ITAG activities 
>as they occur throughout the year. ITAG is intended to allow busy 
>individuals to contribute via e-mail and listserves without a major time 
>So, if you would like to be more involved in the business and technology 
>trends and issues influencing your industry, please consider becoming an 
>ITAG Advisor! We need your input and involvement as GITA continues to 
>evolve as the best possible informational and educational resource for 
>geospatial professionals.
>If you are interested in contributing as an Advisor, select a link to one 
>of the industry areas below to e-mail your contact information:
>local government/public works
>Please contact me at GITA Headquarters, (303) 337-0513, or lconnor at gita.org

>with any questions or for more information.
>Best regards,
>Lisa Connor
>Membership Services Manager

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