[winGRASS] Re: [GRASS-user] Re: Xganim errors in WinGRASS

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Thu Feb 8 06:00:46 EST 2007

On 08/02/07 11:37, Glynn Clements wrote:
> Moritz Lennert wrote:
>>> (general call for packagers)
>>> It would sure be nice if someone produced a GRASS 6.2.1 Cygwin binary.
>>> Currently the most up-to-date binary available for the Cygwin version
>>> is 6.1-cvs April 17, 2006. i.e. there is still no stable GRASS 6.2
>>> available for Windows users -- what's the problem? shared libs?
>> I think this is mainly due to the fact that we are not very far from a 
>> real native windows version. I think dev efforts should rather be put 
>> into that.
> Actually, I'd say that we're still quite a long way from having a
> *usable* native Windows version.
> Most of the people who have contributed to the native version don't
> normally use Windows[1]. Thus, they aren't likely to be as motivated
> to solve issues as would someone who actually has a *need* for a
> native Windows version.

I agree and I know I have been absent on this for a while, but hope to 
find more time now. Although, I have to admit that I am in the position 
Glynn describes, not using Windows regularly.
But as we are discussing the possibility of moving GIS teaching and 
research in our department to GRASS I am motivated to get this up and 
running since forcing everyone to use Linux will have to come in a later 
stage ;-)

> A *usable* native Windows version is going to require one or more
> people who are willing to:
> 1. use the native version on a day-to-day basis, in spite of its
> current "alpha" quality, and
> 2. take responsibility for getting any issues resolved.
> Point #2 doesn't necessarily mean that they need to fix any and all
> bugs themselves, but they will need to provide meaningful bug reports,
> apply and test any proposed fixes, etc.

I now have a working windows machine at my disposition and hope, 
therefore, to find more time to test.

> Oh, we also need either a version of v.digit which doesn't require an
> interactive monitor (XDRIVER), or a port of the driver code (and the
> corresponding part of libraster) to Windows. Regarding the latter,
> it's the startup code from lib/driver/main.c which is the main issue;
> the X-specific stuff is already adequately handled by libW11.

I personally think that we should aim for the first solution as in the 
general gui work we are trying to become as independent from the 
monitors as possible and v.edit already seems more or less ready for 
this, or ?


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