[GRASS-user] Question on v.label - remove overlapping labels

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 14 17:15:37 EST 2007

Wolfgang Qual wrote:
> using v.label, I tried to label (streetnames) some lines of my 
> streetnetwork. It works, quite good, but some labels are overlapping.
> Is there a possibility to avoid overlapping labels?

There is nothing in the code to protect from that currently.

If you like you can edit the resultant labels file in your favorite text
editor and either remove the offending label by hand, or tweak their
placement with the xoffset and yoffset parameters. AFAIR, units are in
pixels for the display and PostScript points (1/72 inch) for ps.map.

If you have the labels file open for editing next to your grass display,
you can tweak, resave, and d.redraw in a fairly efficient loop.

> I used ArcView 3.2 before - there, a dialogue offers the possibility
> to activate an option "remove overlapping labels". Anything
> comparable available in GRASS? This would be rather cool...

Ideas+patches on how to do that are welcome. Right now it just goes down
the list of features in a serial fashion & isn't aware of where other
labels are placed after it has placed them.


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