[GRASS-user] v.external and POSTGIS

Stephan Holl stephan.holl at intevation.de
Thu Feb 15 10:40:42 EST 2007

Hello Gustavo,

Gustavo Martínez <gumartin at mecon.gov.ar>, [20070215 - 12:11:13]

> Hello all,
> I'm starting with POSTGIS and GRASS and I have some problems with  
> v.external.
> My computer is running Debian 'testing' AMD64 with GRASS 6.2.0,
> Postgresql 8.1 and Postgis 1.1.6, all from debian packages.
> On Postgres, I have a table named vms with column geometry storing
> POINTS. If I connect from GRASS to the database the connection is
> successful:
> db.tables driver=pg database=host=localhost,dbname=pesca
> 	public.geometry_columns
> 	public.spatial_ref_sys
> 	public.vms
> When I use v.external:
> v.external dsn='PG:host=localhost user=gumartin dbname=pesca'
> output=pp layer=vms
> 	Cannot open data source
> Can anybody help me with this? What am I doing wrong?

This are 2 pairs of shoes. db.tables uses GRASS pg-driver while
v.external uses the OGR-based postgresql-driver.

So it seems that you build grass with postgresql-support, but not your
underlaying gdal/ogr-library?!

You could check if your ogr is linked against postgresql by typing
ogrinfo --formats|grep -i postgres



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