[GRASS-user] Statistics for each area of a thematic map

Jarosław Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Fri Feb 16 04:16:46 EST 2007

Odoardo Zecca napisał(a):
> Hello all,
> I've created a vector thematic map with a dozen of different areas 
> (different units in a viticultural zoning study).
> For the same region, I've got a few rasters as well: DEM, slope and 
> aspect, annual precipitations, solar radiation, Winkler's index, ....
> What I need is an estimate of some statistics as min, max, mean values 
> of each variable (elevation, ...) for each particular region. What do 
> you suggest as the best method (for what concern speed and, above all, 
> quality of results) in order to accomplish this task?
> I only can imagine this:
> 1) transform the vector map in raster
> 2) use r.statistics (as in the example in the manual) or maybe 
> r.statistics applied to the rasters of climatic variables after 
> masking for each particular area.
> Is there some better way, in particular a way which doesn't involve 
> transforming  the vector map to raster?
> Thanks in advance.
> Odoardo Zecca
> Institut Agricole Régional
> Regione La Rochère 1/A
> 11100 Aosta
> email: o.zecca at iaraosta.it <mailto:o.zecca at iaraosta.it>
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what about v.rast.stats?


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