[GRASS-user] Statistics for each area of a thematic map

Odoardo Zecca odoardo.zecca at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 10:58:58 EST 2007

Hello all,
I've created a vector thematic map with a dozen of different areas
(different units in a viticultural zoning study).
For the same region, I've got a few rasters as well: DEM, slope and aspect,
annual precipitations, solar radiation, Winkler's index, ....

What I need is an estimate of some statistics as min, max, mean values of
each variable (elevation, ...) for each particular region. What do you
suggest as the best method (for what concern speed and, above all, quality
of results) in order to accomplish this task?
I only can imagine this:

1) transform the vector map in raster
2) use r.statistics (as in the example in the manual) or maybe
r.statisticsapplied to the rasters of climatic variables after masking
for each
particular area.

Is there some better way, in particular a way which doesn't involve
transforming  the vector map to raster?

Thanks in advance.

Odoardo Zecca

Institut Agricole Régional
Regione La Rochère 1/A
11100 Aosta
email: o.zecca at iaraosta.it
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