[GRASS-user] seed's beginners tutorial (Project Assist)

antonio rodriguez antonio.raju at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 06:36:42 EST 2007

Stephan Holl escribió:
> Hello antonio,
> antonio rodriguez <antonio.raju at gmail.com>, [20070216 - 11:55:44]
>> Hi,
>> Does anybody has a copy of the data for this tutorial. The page no
>> longer exists.
> What link are you referreing  to to?
> I suggest taking a look at the GRASS-in-a-nutshell[1] as well as GRASS 6
> tutorial[2]. They are both good for getting started.
> Best regards
> 	Stephan
> [1] http://www.gdf-hannover.de/dl.php?download=g60_nutshell_v1.0_en.pdf
> [2]
> http://www.gdf-hannover.de/dl.php?download=gdf_grass60_v1.2_en_toc.pdf
Hi Stephan

In the past there was a small dataset called Leics which was very useful 
to give a light introduction to Grass. The dataset was downloadable from 
the Assist Project (Leicestershire University) But this link no longer 
exists within the tutorials page in Grass (even is mentioned there) I 
know that spearfish and imagery are more complete dataset, but I was 
willing to make a small presentantion with that one.



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