[GRASS-user] importing vmap1 data

Yves Jacolin yjacolin at free.fr
Mon Feb 19 08:34:28 EST 2007

Le Lundi 19 Février 2007 14:10, Jaime Carrera a écrit :
> Hi list,
> Does somebody know how to import vmap1 data in GRASS?
> Thanks,
> Jaime

First of all, you need to install gdal with the OGDI format support (not build 
by default), so you probably need to build your own gdal-ogr command.

Then you can run :
ogr2ogr contourl.shp gltp:/vrf/mnt/data/v0eur/vmaplv0/eurnasia 
“contourl at elev(*)_line”

to convert vmap to shapefile. Avoid to mix upper and lower case in your path !

Then you can import them into GRASS.


Yves Jacolin

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